Tuesday, May 23, 2017

This Generations Disease: Apathy

I was watching Chapelles' new stand up and he has a good bit about how he cares too much because he's older. He suggests the younger generation can't be bothered to care because there's always something new to care about. I think he has a point.

Every day something horrific or unjust is being forced down our throats in news and social media and we're all being asked to care about it.

How can I truly care about something when I am being asked to care about everything?

What if I don't actually care about LGBT Rights or the BLM hashtag. It's not that I don't recognize there's an injustice; I just separate myself from being drawn in to the hoopla. As I grow older I'm starting to lose my empathy for people. I can't decide if it's something that comes from age or something that comes from our access to information. I find that I'm not alone either. Apathy is growing in our generation and maybe that's OK.

Possibly related: I was in public and reacted to two men kissing. I winced and looked away and muttered "gross" or something within earshot of the person I was with. She immediately accosted me of being homophobic. Since I don't consider myself homophobic, I naturally got defensive, "I'm not allowed to think something is gross? Why can't I have an initial reaction to something?" She replied, "Well if it was a straight couple kissing would you have thought it was gross? I think it's brave of them!" It's not fucking brave. For fucks sake. It's just not pleasing to my eyes, my gut reaction is that I didn't like it, is that ok? Maybe I am homophobic after all.

I'm getting older and more curmudgeonly as time goes on... it wont be long before I'm telling people to get off my lawn!