Monday, January 4, 2016

My Love Affair with the Chargers

I've explained in the past why I love the NFL and watching sports of all kinds. I've also explained why I, a San Diego native, absolutely love the Dallas Cowboys.

The Chargers have always been my "side-chick" team. This year I went to 4 different games including two away games. I watched them do battle on the road and finish the season a meager 4-12. I've always watched the Chargers since I was young and even was a season ticket holder a few years ago. The reason I'm finally posting about them now is that they might have played their last game as the San Diego Chargers. The latest rumors in the NFL have them moving to LA and part of me will be sad to see San Diego without a professional football team.

I've seen the Chargers go through a lot. From firing a coach after going 14-2 to keeping a coach after going 1-15. Watching Eli Manning reject them in the draft to wishing Ryan Leaf had. My lone tribute will be to the players that actually made them enjoyable to watch. From the legends like Seau and LT to the lesser known people who put in work like Mike Scifres and Lorenzo Neal. It's been a pleasure to watch those players and this team. Thanks for the memories Chargers players!