Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Liking something because you spent money on it

I was hanging out with my friend Syp the other day and we talked about doing bottle service at the club and how it's possible that people say they like stuff just because they spent money on it. Full disclaimer: the bottle service was awesome from my perspective. Maybe because I was with 7 girls and I got to drink a ton. Maybe it was because of the extra space. Maybe the attentiveness of our designated bouncer. Maybe it was the particular DJ spinning that night. Maybe the venue itself was great with girls dangling from the ceiling. In any event, that particular experience was a great time for me and I typically hate "clubbing". Some pics below of the awesome night.

Anyways, back to what Syp said about being priced into liking something. A long time ago I wrote an entry about how I think my friend was in love with someone because she was with him for so long. She was "invested" in the relationship and stayed together with him (probably longer than she should have) because it was reaching a "point of no return" (shes now engaged to a wonderful guy who makes her happy). In the same way Tam was invested with time and effort, perhaps people feel emotionally invested and like something more just because they spent money on it.

I'm currently mattress and rug shopping and trying to get honest opinions from my friends. I'm trying to differentiate peoples opinions of Tempur-Pedics between those who actually like them or those who are saying they like them just because they dropped a substantial amount of money. Same thing with rugs. A shag rug to me just looks stupid as hell (unkempt, messy) but they're expensive and apparently it's "in style". While I'm immune to style-based peer-pressure with a shag rug, I did demo a Tempur-Pedic and it was heavenly.

I'm sure whatever I end up choosing I'll convince myself I like it more than I really do... I wonder if there's a specific name for this phenomenon. My google-fu has only lead me to stuff like mere-exposure, propinquity-effect, sunken cost, and escalation of commitment. All of which are similar to what I'm talking about but not quite exactly it... looks like it's going to be another Cog-Sci night.