Monday, July 13, 2015

My Trip to Jamaica

A year ago I went to Jamaica for a family vacation and it was one of the best trips I've ever been on. The way I explain Jamaica is like a Vegas for relaxing. When people go to Las Vegas it's to get rowdy, sin, and party it up. Everyone in Las Vegas from the staff to the other tourists are all aware of your goals and it's a good time because people enable that behavior.

Now imagine a place where relaxing and living comfortably are your biggest priorities. The airport, the resort, all the people you meet are all there to relax and the mantra of "no problem man" is really hammered home. I stayed at an all inclusive resort which included everything from being picked up from the airport to every single meal. Different from other countries (or maybe it was the resort I stayed at) the excursion people were not pushy and sales-y at all. It was actually hard to track them down when we wanted to go zip-lining.

Picture I took during dinner, our view before enjoying dessert.

An early morning at the double infinity pools with a swim up bar.

No bed bugs, mosquitoes, or angry lizards running around. Quality entertainment, delicious food, and a perfectly relaxing atmosphere made Jamaica my favorite vacation to date. All inclusive is definitely the way to go. All you can eat, all you can drink, and all you can relax!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Human Memory vs Computer Memory

Knowledge and learning are evolving in today's society and it has to do with the internet and the way we consume information. Ask yourself which is more important? 1) Memorizing how to do something. 2) Being able to find the answer to something you don't know.

The value of rote memorization (The What) is going down while the value of being able to remember how you got there (The How) is going up. While both are still technically memorization it's no longer just visual. No longer is it reading from a textbook, taking notes, and committing something to memory for a test. It's physical now too. "Learning" something today might involve remembering the keywords typed in and the series of links you clicked.

No where are you really taught this. I suppose this is another addition to the things I would do if I became President. Maybe not a whole class dedicated to learning proper search syntax (using pluses, minuses, and quotes)... but at least being technology positive when it comes to learning. Too often growing up did I hear, "You won't have a calculator when you grow up!" "Only one page of hand-written notes!" While I actually support these methods, the emphasis shouldn't be from a tech-shaming point of view. The emphasis on these techniques should be on the real value they provide. (Memorizing math properties really serves as a foundation to learning more complicated math. Hand writing notes improves retention and allows kids to not worry about memorizing constants and formulas.)

We are limited by our biology. The amount we can remember is finite. The internet and information grows at a rate faster than we can consume it. While it might be impressive to know off the top of your head the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow.... it's more important to know how to search up these unknown facts on Google.