Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Pick for the NBA Finals: Warriors in 6

Here's my take on the matchups and how I think this series plays out. As of today Klay is still under concussion protocol and Love is a scratch. So this is being made with the assumption that Klay misses no time and Love misses the entire series.

Curry/Klay/Iggy vs Irving/Shump/JR. Have to give this to the Warriors. The largest variable here is JR Smith and the bench battle will largely depend on his shot falling or not. The guard play will mostly define this series as Curry has emerged as a unique talent with the vision and handles to dish paired with a 3 ball that feels like cheating. He just doesn't miss open 3's and his ability to get his own shot whenever he wants just hasn't been seen before. He takes care of the ball and more importantly is surrounded by excellent talent so his dimes don't go to waste. He's basically unguardable, which brings me to the next matchup...

Green/Barnes vs LeBron. Advantage LeBron because LeBron. How does a team lose Kevin Love and get better? Well emergence of Thompson and the best player in the league playing to what hes capable of. Watching Prime LeBron against the Hawks was pure destruction. For all the things Curry is, LeBron is similarly unguardable. On any given possession he will put his head down, get to the rim, get fouled, and probably still make the shot. 3 points the old fashioned way. Want to double him? Well other than just crushing the double team 1v2 (because he does that) he can also pass well too. Guess what, he's also capable of defending your best player and doing a damn good job. He's a once in a generation kind of talent and 5 straight finals appearances is not luck. The wildcard in the forward matchup is Green because I think he has the ability to average 15/10/5 but it's hard to expect an offensive explosion from him as he has to guard the best player on the planet.

Big Men:
Bogut vs Thompson/Mozgov. Advantage Cavs again but the advantage here is mostly in board grabbing and making driving lanes difficult but this advantage is mostly nullified as the Warriors are fine passing until they get a good look at a 3.

Call this a wash. Blatt for all his stepping on court blunders has actually made some pretty decent adjustments and I wouldn't be surprised if JR made a start in this series to try and go small vs the Warriors. Kerr just has to keep his guys motivated and hungry which shouldn't be hard for a bunch of guys who haven't been there before.

How this series plays out is the Splash Bros combine for 50 points a game and we'll get an outstanding performance from an otherwise role player like Green/Barnes/Iggy/Bogut. LeBron does enough to win a couple games (maybe a buzzer beater). Curry gets a Finals MVP Trophy to go with his season MVP trophy.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cinco de Mayo

May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, Cinco de Drinko, Drinko de Mayo.

First let me drop some knowledge. This holiday is not "Mexican Independence Day" it's simply a celebration of an unlikely victory of the Mexican army over French forces. The actual Mexican Independence Day is on September 16th.

Not knowing what Cinco De Mayo is really about won't stop Americans from celebrating. Cindo de Mayo is more just a celebration of Mexican culture. Here in 'Murica we bastardize holidays into excuses to go drinking or buying crap we don't need. While I can rant about this for hours let me instead put on my sombrero and go to Old Town and drink a margarita the size of my face.