Monday, March 9, 2015

Stuff Rocky Says

This will be a unique entry in the sense that it's going to be constantly edited with new stuff.

I have a coworker named Rocky and she's a goldmine of fantastic quotes. She's a quirky 20-something that has no filter and she'll be the first to admit that she speaks before she thinks.

Without further ado, quotes straight from the mouth of Rocky:

"#2 on my to-buy list is a friendship collar." *I stare at her blankly* "'s awesome, it's from Australia!"
"I don't watch the news."
"If you went green on Ingress I don't know if we could be friends. I mean I'd go with you to the co-events but that's it."
"You're bow legged and you have a gimp leg."
"My computer is telling me basically not to work."
"Remember, sweat is just your fat crying."
"My room is going to be rustic romantic."
"I've driven past that M my whole life." (the company we work at has been in this building less than 5 years)
"It's been a dream of mine to go to WhiteFort settlement."
"I eat Altoids like candy." *long pause* "I eat Cliff Bars like candy."
"I wanna be like Napoleon Dynamite and have tots in my pockets."
"Her dress game is on point."
"I have an issue with running shoes and jeans."
"Hey don't have a happiness party without me."
"Three's comfortable?"
"You don't get good sleep with red wine. You sleep... but you don't SLEEP... you know?"
"Oh god, I stepped in my trashcan."
"This year is going by so fast, it's Feb 19th."
"We should have chocolate available at all times."
"You don't drink tap water? If you put ice in it you can't even tell it's tap water."
"I've been listening to the same podcast all day, it's only 30 minutes long."
"The eyes have walls."
"I spent an hour finding my dog today. He was across the street at the body shop."
"Nate is like the wind - he's like a plastic bag."
"I'm like a garbage disposal at a buffet."
"How come we don't have 21 cannon salutes anymore?"
"Chocolate bath?! That's my dream. Can you eat it?"
"If you can say things correctly then why say them wrong, you know?"
"She was a sexy feather duster though."
"I used to be a Carny. If you want to rob someone, go to Sea World and rob a Carny."
"Can you imagine being married to one of them? (Kardashian) You lose brain cells watching that show. I mean, I still watch it but yeah."
"Hulu's commercials are the worst because you have to watch the same one over and over."
"I'm gonna steal your name."
"I don't wear my seatbelt because we live in a water based city."
"You gotta check em before you wreck em... THEN YOU WRECK EM!!"
"Who discovered Ice Cream, they're so smart!"
"How would you get a package of ham out from between the wall and my desk?"
"I wouldn't survive a cold place if I was naked."
"I was driving and I'm not used to diamonds and they blinded me."
(After I say "Nice polka-dot shirt.") "Thanks, but I like to call them polka-spots!"
"I mean, like, we're friends... and I have never fondled Andrew."

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Searching for a Music Epiphany

In conjunction to writing more this year I want to broaden my music taste. This resolution stems from a moment where I was with some music-head friends who were geeking out about so-and-so's new album. While I was present with them while they were taking it in, I just didn't share the same appreciation and enthusiasm for what I was listening to. Like a cigar or fine wine is for your mouth. Like art and photography are for your eyes. Music is that for your ears. Maybe this particular album I was listening to wasn't for me... but as I sat there I started thinking about my past and if there ever was a song that captured me the way a stunning photograph or a great meal captured my other senses.

Maybe music just isn't for me. I'm not an audio learner, I learn by seeing and doing. I was never good at anything that has to do with rhythm (dancing, singing, playing an instrument), For some reason music never really "clicked" with me. So this year I set out to have an ah-ha moment with music, a Music Epiphany if you will.

I thought the best place to start would be trying to find some music I've never heard before. Finding a song or a genre that really grabbed me. At the start, the amount of music out there is intimidating. It would take many lifetimes to listen to all the music ever created. so I started by asking friends for recommendations. When that dried up I went to /r/music and just started clicking away.

So far my experience has been awesome and I've had my mind (ears) blown by some awesome music that I never knew existed.