Friday, December 17, 2010

Blogging is a skewed sample

I would wager that people write more when they are depressed or when they have more to complain about. After looking back, there aren't many positive entries at all and there are quite a few rants.

I better make this a good one so we can add a tally to the "Happy Column".

Guess who has two thumbs and is going on a last minute trip to Vegas? THIS GUY!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

President Andrew

I participated in a thought provoking exercise in traffic school earlier this month. Basically, we had to choose 6 people to live and restart the human race with a group of 10 people to choose from. Each of them has different pros and cons. It was really fun and one member in my group really liked my ideas and said he "would vote for me if I ever ran for President." As flattering and funny as his statement was, I couldn't help but start to think of the stuff I'd do if I was President.

First thing I'd do is tweak modern education. I'd replace learning cursive with learning how to type. I'm not saying cursive is useless or obsolete, but I can make arguments for why typing is more important and useful to children growing up in today's society. In the same light, I'd make high school students take a personal finance class before they graduate. This class would teach people the effects of credit card debt and important concepts like compound interest and saving early. What would we remove? Maybe one of the 4 years of English? I don't mean to devalue English, but here in California I was required to take English all 4 years of high school and there were two years solely dedicated to literature. One year of American Lit and one year of English Lit. I graduated being able to recite Shakespeare but had to take it upon myself to learn how to balance a checkbook.

Second thing I'd implement is the concept of "Criminal Testing". Prisoners could opt to be lab rats for experimental drugs. Right now, monkeys and mice are being used because they are close to humans. What is closer to a human than an actual human? If the prisoner dies during the test, they could get their name added to a list of people that died for a good cause or something. Seems like a pretty good upside for a prisoner serving a life sentence. Instead of being remembered for a horrible crime, they could be remembered as a volunteer who donated their body to science for their society.

Third would be immediately investing some tax dollars into creating gym bikes (or any machine) designed to generate power. It boggles my mind that this isn't already being done. How many hours out of the day do people spend in a gym? How much sweat and effort is exerted into these machines? Convert this enegery spent into energy for society. This can later be extended to people who want to work off community service or criminals serving sentences. Got a speeding ticket? Go generate some energy for your city. Or maybe even extend this idea for a person who wants to make a quick buck. This seems like a worthwhile investment to help our "energy crisis" and also adds some incentive to fighting the obesity problem in America.

I have some other ideas in the works. One is having reproduction be a privilage, like driving. There would be basic tests that potential parents have to pass. Or maybe financial limitations to eliminate the need for welfare. I can see some big problems with this one as far as infinging on natural rights... but the basic idea is if you're too stupid or too broke to have a kid... you can't have one!

Andrew Tran for President 2048! (I picked this year because I don't realisticaly think I'll be alive at 62. Also it's a power of two, sweet!)