Monday, July 26, 2010

8 reasons I go to the movies alone

Last night I went to go see Inception by myself. What an amazing movie! However, this entry isn't about the movie, it's about seeing movies by yourself. What follows is a list of the reasons I go to the movies alone:
  1. I know exactly when the movie starts, I know when to leave my house and I can show up exactly when it starts.
  2. I am going to see exactly what I want to see.
  3. I never have to buy anything from the snack stand. I can buy candy beforehand if I really want some. For some reason, all the girls I bring get really thiiiiiiiirsty right before the movie starts.
  4. It's cheaper. (see #3)
  5. Sitting next to someone for 2 hours with little or no talking is a really stupid way to spend "quality time" with someone.
  6. I see the movie when I want to see it, like Monday nights for example. Empty theaters rock!
  7. When the movie is over, I can be the first one out the door. For some reason when I go with friends I get trapped in that slow moving stair mob. Every time.
  8. It's less strain on friendships. Mainly because I get violent thoughts toward these friends:
    • The "Ha, did you see that?" friend.
    • The loud laughing friend who thinks everything is funny.
    • The friend that bounces their foot so hard that it shakes my seat.
    • The chews-really-loudly-on-noisy-foods friend. "Hey you want some of these nachos? No? Well I snuck in some banana chips if you want some of these... man this bag is hard to open..."

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Top Chef Andrew

Uhh... close enough?

Cooking is hard. It's just following directions, right? WRONG. There seems to be a long list of unspoken rules that I never learned.

I never knew what hot foods in plastic containers could do.
I learned the hard way about putting a shiny object in the microwave.
I discovered that you have to make sure the oil is insanely hot before attempting to fry stuff.
I simultaneously discovered that hot oil bubbles like mad when you drop stuff in it and hurts like a bitch when it hits your skin.
I found out that cooking noodles in a small pot will make them all soggy and gross.
I found out that dried herbs and fresh herbs can sometimes have a huge difference in the strength of taste.
...the list goes on and on.

I used to think that I could be good at anything I set my mind to... until now. When I cook, I feel like a living demo for Murphy's law.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Real You

A short while ago I wrote an entry about Single Life and bringing the A game. Since then, I have shared the sentiment of the entry with a few friends and received some mixed responses. This followup entry aims to explain why the A game is important to me and to clarify what exactly the A game is.

I will start by saying that my way of dating is not the only way to do things. "Bringing your A game" just might not be for you. Maybe it is a woman's "style" to be so comfortable that she doesn't care to impress me. Or maybe she is so naturally impressive that she doesn't even have an A game to begin with. There is nothing wrong with those women, I just wouldn't be interested. The importance of bringing the A game isn't necessarily about the result, it's about trying. I like it when a girl goes out of her way to impress me and it feels nice to be worthy of their effort.

Addressing the idea that bringing the A game is deceptive or misleading. It's not. I would argue that most people probably bring their A game without even knowing it.

I think the negative stigma associated with "bringing the A game" is due to the choice of words, but it's really not as bad as it sounds. Here is a better way to explain it: Have you ever heard the phrase "put your best foot forward" or done an interview? It's like that. It should feel natural to want to make a good first impression, especially when dating. I think everyone understands that even the most healthy relationships have bad times and disagreements, but in the beginning we are (hopefully) trying to avoid those things. That is what bringing the A game is. The A game person is the cautious and considerate person in the beginning parts of dating.

My A game person is still me. It's not like I hired someone to go on those dates for me. I was actually me who held those doors and refrained from swearing the entire night. That's just how I am around the girls I date. Sure I behave different when I am with my friends. I also behave different when I am at work or when I am around my parents. Like most people, I behave differently depending on my settings. You can't just pick one of those guys and call that one "the real me" because they are all really me.