Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Lion King sucks

I recently re-watched Lion King. Have you seen it? Here is what it is about:

It is a coming of age story about a young lion with unlimited potential. As the movie begins, Simba is promised an amazing life from the moment he is born. His father treats him with nothing but respect. He will own the world he lives in.

Instead of showing any sort of king-like responsibility, as he is encouraged to do, he demonstrates a complete lack of leadership. He sings about how special he is and how awesome it will be when he is king. While Simba sings, he forgoes the use of any metaphors and actually uses a tower of his subjects to build himself up.

He puts himself (and by extension, the future of the entire Pride Lands) in danger by straying specifically where his dad forbade him to go. He leaves the kingdom for some magical place where his lack of responsibility is the only important aspect to life. Hakuna matata. My world and upbringing? It's not my worry. The only reason he goes back to his old life is for some pussy.

Simba is a fuck and the movie sucks. Scar had it right, life isn't fair. No one in the movie seems to understand that.