Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lets see how good I can juggle

People walk around each day juggling their life. Take work or school, those are one ball. Relationships, that's another. Family, friends, hobbies, problems, worries, fears, anger, stress, etc. Ball each one up and toss them in the air. Some are made of rubber, like work and school: they bounce back if you drop them. Others are made of glass: if you drop them, they will shatter.

The people we encounter everyday are all juggling their own life. Some choose to help you juggle for a bit, some choose to throw another ball in.

It takes this analogy for me to realize that when you meet a person you don't know what they deal with in their daily lives. Their past, their daemons, and their stress. You could bump into someone on a day where they are overwhelmed.

I have done a better job over the past year trying to reduce the amount that I deal with. I see things clearly nowadays, things are simple. But there are problems that I have been running away from, the stuff I ignore.

Like throwing a ball high in the air when juggling, it is going to eventually come back down. Lets see how good I can juggle.