Thursday, August 6, 2009

Out of the rut

Geeze, I was pretty emo for a bit there.

I had to hide myself from the world... I hate people seeing me when I'm weak. I have set an expectation of awesomeness and I can't let people know that I get sad, lonely, and vulnerable.

On another note: speeding tickets fucking blow. I swear to god if I didn't drive such a flashy car I wouldn't get pulled over half as much. I hate my life sometimes.

I should really change the name of this blog to Rantings of Andrew Tran. Reading some of the past entries, it's mainly shit I get pissed off about. With the occasional good feeling every now and then.

This blog keeps me sane and its pretty neat looking back on some of this stuff. I better end it here before it turns into a blog about blogging.