Thursday, June 18, 2009

Best Date Activity Ever

Because I'm lame, I talked about the weather on our last date. Somehow I managed to drop the word 'petrichor' on her. Shes like "What's that?" So I got my "nerd" on and talked about word origins and Greek mythology and she was pretty dazzled. I explained to her that I love the day after rain and the smell of wet cement.

Well we get back to her place and we're in her room. I'm on the desktop (to write my essay that is due tomorrow) and she’s on her laptop. The second I start working on my essay she’s says, "Hey your whole petrichor got me thinking... what are the little things we enjoy in life?"

So I took a break from my essay and we just hung out on her bed taking turns at the laptop and started listing the simple pleasures in life that we enjoy.

Her stuff:

Seeing the clock turn to 11:11. (it was like 10:50 when she typed it and at 11:10 we waited all enthusiastically. She moaned in elation when it was 11:11... adorable)

Turning graffiti swastikas into flowers.

Making ice cream sundaes for people.

Warm sheets.

This tangerine juice from Henry's. I can't help but smile every time I drink it. (seriously!)

When someone else using public transportation smiles back.

Leaving star-shaped notes for people.

Stretching out in bed, waking up for a little bit, then going back to sleep.

Fresh Dudley's bread.

My Stuff:

The first cut into a fresh piece of construction paper. (Shut up, I know it’s corny but it was my first one! Plus it IS awesome!)

Turning the pillow over.

Seeing children learn.

Hitting every green light.

That tingly feeling after you use antibacterial soap.

Making incredible shots into wastebaskets.

Randomly remembering a nice memory from the past.

Driving ALONE super-late at night with coffee, music, and no traffic.

Freshly cooked Bacon. =D

After all our warm little fuzzies we got after making the list, we kissed and I asked her to be my girlfriend. I'm pretty crazy about her right now. However, I'm not crazy about this half-assed essay...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Enders Game

Just finished the book. It's really good.

Also, I just realized that this is probably the first novel since high school that I have read.

On top of that, this is the first book I have ever read for "pleasure".

WELL, better be hittin' the ol' dusty trail... Back to glaring at my computer screen reading articles about the Lakers Dynasty and Random Travel Blogs.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Why Engineers Can't Get Chicks

They are boring and there are a lot of us to choose from. In business terms, its supply and demand.

First let’s address the supply issue. As a kid, every young boy either liked legos, computer games, or just building stuff in general. That young boy chose to make his childhood passion his career. 16 years of school later, an engineer is born. He is a successful, nerdy, and likable engineer, but sadly he is not unique.

Second there’s the demand. Frankly, there’s just not a lot of demand for engineers. I could pretend to be a guru on what every woman wants, but I am not. But let's sum it up to a mixture of 3 things:
1) TV and media representations of over-dramatized exciting relationships
2) Wanting to impress their friends
3) Sexual appeal

(1) Engineers are the safe-pick of boredom that women are not conditioned to like. We know we have merits, but for some reason we just "aren’t their type". Don't worry you're a great catch and someone should be so lucky as to have you!
(2) Engineers do not impress their friends and that's important to a lot of chicks. Yeah, I don’t get it either.
(3) Sexual appeal, again I'm no guru, but between my plethora of female friends and my access to a television, I can gather that for some reason construction workers, firefighters, and people who are on-or-around motorcycles are instantly more attractive than engineers.