Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Consolidated PoE FAQ

This is a consolidated list of questions that get asked on stream about Path of Exile. Check out the livestream at twitch.tv/thi3n

Can you pricecheck my item?

!redeem lookitem - use 1000 points to link me an item in game and I'll talk about what makes that item good or usable and how I would pricecheck it.

Should I buy PoE? Is it a good game?

I recommend just installing the game and trying it. It's free. Warning: PoE is a tough introduction to the Action RPG genre. Here's my blog post talking about D3 vs PoE.

How do I start in this game? What do you do in this game?

Just play and experience the game "in the dark". Kill monsters. Do things that are intuitive. Get overwhelmed by the passive tree. Read and try different skill gems. Don't feel bad when you hit a wall: Everyone fails their first character. Defensive layers matter, offense is not easily understood, and enemies have overpowered one-shot mechanics.

I tried it and failed... but I liked it! What are some additional resources?

Engineering Eternity - Great production quality and easy to understand. I highly recommend this content for a new player. This is how I learned.

PoE Wiki - Comprehensive list of everything in PoE. Type in a quest name or item name and learn everything about it.

PoE Subreddit - There is a daily "Ask Questions Thread" stickied to the top of the subreddit.

Path of Building - A super comprehensive calculator for users to import characters and figure out what skill gems and gear pieces would be upgrades. Tool is also used theorycraft.

How are your price checking stuff so fast?

PoE Trade Macro - There are instructions on how to install and use this in order to make price checking a bit faster.

What's giving you that trade overlay?

Mercury Trade - Has a lot of features like automated replies, shortcuts for party inviting/kicking, and chat scanning.

What build are you using? Can I see your profile?

PoE Profile - The character tab is public and you can see my passive tree and current gear.

Do you have any guides?

Glacial Cascade Totems - A guide that's beginner friendly and can experience all content in the game.

Kinetic Blast Deadeye - A build that is dedicated to speed farming and magic finding specific maps.

Molten Strike Ascendant - A tanky lab farmer with tons of defense and regen. Decent mapper and can be used for the endgame with currency investment.

What loot filter are you using?

Filter Blade - I use this website to start with the NeverSink filter base and make modifications (typically I make it more strict because I like seeing less stuff). Instructions on how to use it are in the website. Using the command !filter on twitch can show you my latest changes.

Consolidated Diablo 3 FAQ

This is a consolidated list of questions that get asked on stream about Diablo 3. Check out the livestream at twitch.tv/thi3n

Should I buy Diablo 3? Is it a good game?

This got asked so much I made a blog post about it.

How do I start in this game? What do you do in this game?

Pick any class that looks fun. Everything except for the ultra-late-game is "balanced" and you can play through the story mode using any character you want. After you've done that, check out adventure mode - level up to level 70 doing rifts and/or bounties. Once you hit 70 the "end game" begins. Start by trying to complete your seasons journey which has rewards tied to it. Then check out the leaderboard for builds and try and push some greater rifts.

Can I get a rush, carry, or a power-level?

I created a community in game called **thi3n's Community** where I'll reach out when I'm looking for people to play with or fill viewer carries. Moderators/Viewers hang out there also and sometimes have random groups going.

Quick gif on how to join a community.

What should I reroll on ?

Catch me live and ask me in the community (see above). I'll respond on stream.

In general: Crit Multi > Crit Chance > %Fire/Light/Cold/etc. > %Skill Damage > CDR/AS > INT/DEX/STR > VIT

What build are you using?

I post all the builds I've created to Diablofans, I try and keep them up to date.

If those don't look like it, check out my BNet Profile or ask in stream.

How are you autocasting your abilities?

I'm using something called the Numlock Trick. Here is a short YouTube video about it.

What is the best way to gear up?

Spend your blood shards and crafting materials wisely. Make use of all the different Kanai's Cube recipes. It might be smarter to Upgrade Rare Item, Reforge Legendary, or Convert Set Item depending on what you're looking for.

When actually farming, I like to follow the "5 minute rule" which is: If a rift takes more than 5 minutes I should lower the difficulty and if it is much faster than 5 minutes I should increase the difficulty.

Check out this difficulty guide for the benefits for increasing difficulty.